Kati Epps

   kati Bikini classic

“Physique is the manifestation of your true inner strength & I would love to help you sculpt it!”

Specialization Personal Training / Fitness & Bikini Competition Coaching.

Certified by the American Council on Exercise 

B.A. in Chemistry / Colorado State University

Whether you just want to be in the best shape of your life or getting on stage & strutting your stuff is what you are looking for Coach Kati will produce a unique weight training, cardio regiment & elite nutrition plan that will change your life & body while taking care of the mind.

Coach Kati’s skill & dedication to her clients takes fundamental weight training to another level.  Paired with  advanced dieting at your fingertips she exceeds the common demand for precision in nutrition & exercise programming. She combines her knowledge of chemical breakdowns, cellular development, muscle growth, & cardiovascular health to give a competitive advantage to her programming & take your body to its peak level of performance.

“Train Hard, Eat Clean, Love Your Sport!” Coach Kati