Paul Monje

14 Years Training Experience /

Over many years of experience with various clientele I have helped coach people through athletics, rehabilitation and even competition.   I have had the experience of training ages ranging from 12 to 68 and I love individualizing each program to help reach a clients most optimal human performance no matter where you start. There is always a  way to improve & I will help you find a way if you are willing to learn and change. We have all the tools you need and it will be a great time watching and helping you WIN!!


Gray Institute – Applied Functional Science Practitioner

National Academy of Sports Medicine CPT

National Academy of Sports Medicine Performance Enhancement Specialist

National Exercise & Strength Trainers Association

TRX Suspension Training Coach

Functional Manual Tharapy


4 time NPC Competitior & Coach

2nd Place Southwest Cup / Age 22 2002

1st place Central Texas cup / 2007

Master Trainer 24 Hour Fitness Credential w 20,000 hours training 

Our body is always changing.  We will either progress or breakdown.  If we stimulate the body it will adapt and by the same token it will breakdown if we do not.  When the stimulation and environment are precisely measured and designed you will get better results.  each day your body will react differently like each day will be a different.  It is much more fun when you can ask your body to perform more and it can.