Success Stories

PAULA AMBROZIC – Cancer Survivor/Mother/Wife


I was very athletic as a teen and in college I was a competitive cheerleader, coach and judge. I always felt I was “big boned” but was also very “comfortable in my own skin.”  In 2004 I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer and had a Thyroidectomy the same year.  I was prescribed daily medication to stimulate my thyroid everyday.  My metabolism slowed down dramatically and then I had 2 back to back pregnancies to boot! I added 40 extra pounds and fought hard to get my weight back down but was never able to get back to my pregnancy weight.

Time went by and we moved to Austin Texas from Canada and the delicious Texas cuisine and stress helped to add on another 15 lbs over the course of 6months.  Although I used my competitiveness to fuel my exercise and eat better I was getting nowhere and became very discouraged.  None of my old clothes were fitting anymore. I needed to take serious action but did not know what to do.

In Febuary 2013 a group of friends and I met Paul and he was able to put together a program for exercise and nutrition that fit our “Busy Mom” schedules.  Each of us were very different in size, activity & athleticism  etc etc.  He tested my genetic ability to process fat and carbs and found out that my  body does not process fats very well so he made the proper adjustments in my nutrition and with my efforts and food in the proper ratio’s the weight started falling off!

Even though I no longer have a thyroid and take medication and also now have 3 baby girls, I  dropped 15lb in body fat in the first 6months alone!  I’ve dropped 2 full sizes and can now wear medium sized tops that I had not been able to wear in years!!

Paul is an excellent trainer and is able to personalize training plans to your individual needs, I saw him do that with a group of 6 moms all with very different needs. My favorite part about training with him is that there was always something different to experience in the workout with a great combination of strength, cardio and flexibility. He worked all aspects into our program.  He really took the time to help us properly learn technique and always gave me homework to do for my solo workouts.

When I found out I was pregnant again he made the proper adjustments and I was able to train all the way up until 8 and 1/2 months and I only gained 10 lbs in the process. My OBGYN that both I and the baby are healthy and is pleased with how I have managed the pregnancy.