Success Stories

TINA BUCKNER / 11 weeks after Double Knee Replacement


My name is Tina Buckner. My husband has trained with Paul for several years but I was new to Paul’s ways.

I was 60 years old when I had double knee replacement on Dec 6th 2013.  I had a physical therapist come to the house the 1st week after the operation and continued that way for 6 weeks. We did the basic things to strengthen my muscles and to get a “bend” in the knees. I then moved to a physical therapist at the doctor’s office. At 8 weeks my husband accompanied me to a therapy session and was totally disgusted with how they were working with me.  He thought they should be more aggressive.   Enter Paul Monje.  The very first day Paul had me working not only my legs but my entire body.  Getting me to try things that I could not imagine my legs would even do.  What I enjoyed about working with Paul is he always tells me the “why” my body is responding or “not” responding and gives information the entire time he is training with you.  Within one visit with him I saw amazing results.  When something didn’t work because my body wasn’t ready for it, he immediately knew where to go from there.  We were only able to work together for a short time because I moved but in that short time I went from feeling and being very handicapped to moving with so much more grace and confidence. After my visits with Paul, I knew that I would be sore but always knew it would be worth it!